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The activities of the Market Economy Foundation are supported by committed citizens and decision makers from all parts of Germany. They involve themselves in various ways: as members of the Foundation’s management board, board of trustees, or as a personal or corporate member.

The friends and supporters of the Market Economy Foundation serve as ambassadors of our cause and multipliers of our ideas, helping to make the work of the Foundation successful. In doing so, they remain in close contact with us; they receive all publications, take part as invited guests at our conferences, and contribute their own ideas in personal discussions and talks.

The network of the Market Economy Foundation was borne from the desire to help implement sensible reforms in Germany.

If you would like to become part of this network, we would be delighted to respond to your request. We can be reached

by telephone: (030) 206057-0

by fax: (030) 206057-57

by email: info(at)

Support the work of the Market Economy Foundation, and you help support the implementation of sound reform and policy proposals in Germany.

Our Development Account

The Market Economy Foundation is a recognized charitable organization, and donations are thereby tax deductible.

We welcome your donations, and can send you a written confirmation of your donation. In order to expedite such confirmation, please enter your address into the reference field on the transfer form.

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