An award...

...for dedicated advocates of the market economy.

The Wolfram Engels Prize honors people from the entrepreneurial, scientific, and political fields who, with their work, proposals, and activities, have made an independent, forward-thinking contribution to the further development of our free social order.

Wolfram Engels envisioned a society whose free members would be conscious of their responsibility for their own lives, their communities, and the proceeding generations.

We feel ourselves committed to this vision and in this spirit, we award the Wolfram Engels Prize, inaugurated by publisher Klaus Kunkel, in memory of our co-founder.

Wolfram Engels

Wolfram Engels (1933 - 1995)

Wolfram Engels was an economist, commentator, political adviser, and a prominent advocate of a free economic and social system in Germany.

In his capacities as professor of banking management at the Universität Frankfurt am Main, author of numerous economic works, editor of WirtschaftsWoche, and uneasy commentator on current affairs, Engels disseminated the idea of the market economy, exposed government blunders, and called for a return to economic common sense.

As part of this endeavor, he brought the Kronberger Kreis into existence and co-founded the Market Economy Foundation.