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Labor Market

Replacing unemployment with employment opportunities

The unnecessarily high level of unemployment is one of the most crucial issues facing our society. There remain structural barriers that render the balancing economic forces of supply and demand in the labor market inoperable, which has exacerbated the cyclical effects of the financial and economic crisis. Instead of recognizing the injurious nature of such regulatory barriers to full employment, the government continues to manage unemployment through the bureaucracy.

For many unemployed, there remain many insurmountable hurdles that obstruct the path to a job. The high unemployment rate for the less qualified, as well as the level of long-term unemployed workers, which lies well above the international average, both demonstrate that people with the lowest incomes in our society are among the hardest hit by unemployment. Unemployment is the number one risk of poverty.

With this in mind, the Market Economy Foundation strives for improved employment opportunities through more competition, flexibility, and transparency in the labor market, as well as efficient labor market institutions.


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Dr. Guido Raddatz

Dr. Guido Raddatz

Labor Market, Social Security, and Federalism

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