Beispielfoto: Ressourcen und Energie

Resources and energy... approaches to climate stabilization, environmental protection, and an efficient energy supply

Our earth’s resources, including land, water, raw materials, and fossil fuels, are limited. The exploitation and use of such resources are often associated with various externalities. In the future, renewable energy sources will undoubtedly assume a large presence in Germany. However, the majority of such energy sources are not yet competitive at the moment.

The state tends toward a high degree of state intervention in the areas of energy and resources. Yet there remain questions concerning the extent and manner of state interventions, as well as the consideration of the costs and efficiency of the chosen intervention mechanisms.

In its policy proposals regarding energy and the environment, the Market Economy Foundation stresses

  • the internalization of externalities, for example through complete cost transparency

  • the application of market based mechanisms, such as certificate trading

  • the use of the advantages of the profit motive in order to promote, for example, cost efficiency and innovation.