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A more consistent and transparent regulatory framework... fight the power of interest groups.

The market economy offers people freedom: everyone can set their sights on their own goals and, often in competition with others over scarce resources, they accomplish them. The freedom of action and competition must be secured by rules that are binding for market participants. The role of the state is to establish and enforce this type of environment.

The Market Economy Foundation strives for:

  • an economic policy designed with the long-term in mind, not short-term politicking,

  • simple and comprehensible laws, including tax laws,

  • a dismantling of subsidies and special provisions for individual interest groups, including tax benefits,

  • a state that does not use public funds to aid special businesses and corporations,

  • for a general economic and legal order that promotes individual responsibility and ethical action.


Resident Expert

Dr. Susanna Hübner

Dr. Susanna Hübner

Media and Regulatory Policy

Tel.: +49 (0)30 / 206057-33

Email: huebner(at)