Smart Education Policy: Use Educational Potential – Enable Opportunities for Advancement

Market Economy Foundation Conference on 10 November 2010 in Berlin

Photos: Kay Herschelmann

It cannot be disputed that the German educational system continues to lack a coherent plan for reform. There are many reasons for this, not least of which is the persistence of various ideologically tinged goals and solutions.

Of particular concern is the sizeable role socioeconomic background plays in school admission and the educational success of children and youth. This phenomenon contradicts the equality of opportunity and meritocracy that are formative elements of the market economic order, and contributes to the erosion of acceptance of our market economy.

In light of the considerable need for action, the Market Economy Foundation organized a conference where recognized experts and educational policymakers discussed how our educational potential could be better used through a smarter educational system, and how to realize equality of opportunity in our county.

Below, you can access the presentations of contributors to this discussion:

Prof. Barbara Ischinger (German)

Prof. Ludger Wößmann (German)

Conference Report (German): Download