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Germany faces a significant number of large and troublesome challenges. Globalization and demographic transition have, and will continue to alter economic conditions in this country. Yet unfortunately, we are not sufficiently prepared for this change: our labor market is choked and impedes economic growth, the costs of the social security system have already begun to overwhelm us, and state interventions have inhibited private dynamism and individual initiative in many areas of life.

It is within this context that the Market Economy Foundation wants to furnish solutions to help pull Germany back to the leading edge of economic development. We develop and disseminate concrete market-based economic policies, with the goal of bringing more competition and transparency to politics and society, and foster more individual responsibility and the courage of freedom. We accomplish this

  • through the publication of academic materials,

  • by hosting subject-oriented events and conferences,

  • through conversations with key decision makers

Economic reform is absolutely paramount to Germany’s reinvigoration.